Download and Install Google Camera Config file for Android devices

Download and Install Google Camera Config file for Android devices

Accept it or not, Google Camera is one of the most noteworthy and amazing features that make one go for the Android Operating System. However, this could not be used by all the Android devices out there until developers all around the world like Arnova, Celso Azevedo and all others for creating and

Download Google Camera Mod apk for all the Android devices.

Download Google Camera APK with Config XML files

Google camera config files
Google camera config files

You will find a number of Google Camera or Gcam mod posts for Nokia devices, NightSight in Main Camera, Redmi K29 and K20 Pro and for other Android devices. Here is the latest Gcam mod for your Android device. Follow the download links and install the config file from below.

What are Config.XML Files for Gcam mods?

The Google Camera Mods have a great feature that enables users to download the Config.XML file. These config files are nothing but a set of predefined settings or configuration that are specific to your Android phone. This way they help the users to run all the functions of Gcam mod.
These files help in deleting all the lags, bugs, tints of various colours like green, blue, pink, etc, Not just that these files also aid in colour correction, running functions like Night Sight, Enhanced HDR+, and so on. Downloading and Installing these files is easy and you can do it in a few minutes by following the guide below -

Download Config XML file for Google Camera Mod

Thus when you install a config file, a few functionalities will be restored for you. Before getting to the Config files, we would like to thank the developers of Google Camera Mods and config files — Arnova and all the other Gcam developers. It is possible because of them that we have the config files to deal with Gcam mods issues face by Kirkin and Exynos powered devices.
Given below are the direct download links that have been tested working on Arnova’s Gcam mod Gcam_6.1.021_Advanced_V1.7.190716.1800.apk. It can also work with the latest version but it is not tested yet.

Download Google Camera Config File

Install Config XML file for Google Camera Gcam Mod

Given below is a short guide on how you can install Config XML File for Google Camera Gcam mod -

Step 1. To begin with, Download and install Google Camera mod APK from above.

Step 2. Now Launch the Gcam app and check it out.

Step 3. So as to install the config file, download the config XML file to the storage of your device.

Step 4. Now, go to camera settings > tap on save the config file. Name it with any name you like and then save it. A file into the folder sdcard>Gcam>config will be created by following this step.

Step 5. Now is the time to Launch a file manager app and navigate to the location where you saved the config file.

Step 6. Then Copy and paste the config file to this location — Internal Storage > Gcam > Configs.

Step 7. In case it does not exist, create a folder.

Step 8. Now Launch the Gcam app.

Step 9. Then Double tap on the black area beside =the shutter button so as to open a dialogue.

Step 10. Lastly, Select the config file that you are willing to use and then click on the option of Restore.

In case the changes you made do not apply, do not worry. Just force stop the GCAM app and relaunch it. You can do so by going to the Setting > Apps > Choose Google Camera > Force Stop.

Concluding words -
I hope the article was of use to you all. In case of any queries or doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Again we would like to thank Celso Azevedo all the developers for putting so many efforts in the Gcam mods and Config files.

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