What is Magisk Manager and How to Use Magisk Hide on Android?

Magisk Manager is a wonderful tool which helps you manage Magisk on any Android device.

To be more precise to the point, Magisk Manager is the best alternative to SuperSu developed by Chainfire and the earlier was developed by an XDA Developer named Topjohnwu.

Official Website: https://www.androidjungles.com/magisk-manager-latest/

The actual purpose of the Magisk Manager and SuperSU is that they will help you grant or deny root permissions whenever needed. The earlier is a better one in many aspects such as the compatibility of Hiding Root from Apps on any Android device completely.

In the actual case, you cannot carry out some banking tasks on your Android device if your device is rooted as the banking apps won’t allow you to do so. On the other hand, there are apps and games which will not allow you to operate or play if your device is rooted.

But Magisk can completely hide the root on your Android device and it won’t show up while you try to use those apps which are not working previously. So, you can use them without any issues and it’s the main purpose of the Magisk Manager.

How to Hide Root on Android Device using Magisk Manager?

In order to hide root on your Android device, you first need to remove the rooting apps installed previously if any. Else, the process won’t take place correctly thus, resulting in various issues.

On top of that, you need to Download and Install Magisk Manager on Android by following the guidelines from the official website. You may follow the quick guidelines provided below to make the job easier.

  1. Download Magisk Manager Apk file from the official website provided in this post.
  2. Install it by following the quick steps (installing an Apk file). But make sure you need to enable third party sources settings on your Android device to make it work properly and without any kind of other issues.
  3. Once it is done, you can start the actual process and yeah, you can check those instructions below.

If you feel any difficulty while installing the magisk manager, TWRP Recovery Mode will definitely help you. First get TWRP installed on your device and reboot your device into Recovery mode, select the Magisk.Zip and flash it directly to the device from the booting options.

Instructions to Hide Root using Magisk Manager:

Open up the Magisk Manager on your Android device after you finish installing it and make some changes. Go to Settings and Enable MagiskHide option in order to able to hide root from individual apps or all apps at once.

Magisk Hide

There you go! just tap on any app from the list you get on your Android device. So, you may now choose the Pokemon Go or any other app and any banking app.

Just choose the app or any number of apps from the list and restart your Android device and try using them now.

That’s all you may require to do in order to hide root from banking apps using the Magisk Manager App. You may now follow us on Medium to get a lot more updates like this, thank you so much.

Android Jungles is a three-year-old web blog that covers the most important news stories taking place in the world of Android.

Android Jungles is a three-year-old web blog that covers the most important news stories taking place in the world of Android.